GJS-M100W-120W LED Street Light: Top Manufacturer in China

Hebei Gaojing Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory of solar power products in China. We are proud to introduce our latest offering - the GJS-M100W-120W solar panel. The GJS-M100W-120W solar panel is an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for generating renewable energy. The panel is made with high-quality materials that make it durable and weather-resistant. With a power rating of 100W to 120W, this panel is perfect for a variety of applications, including residential and commercial use. The GJS-M100W-120W panel is easy to install and maintain, making it a cost-effective solution for those looking to invest in solar power. It features a sleek and stylish design that will blend seamlessly into any environment. At Hebei Gaojing Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd., we are committed to delivering the highest quality solar products to our customers. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that every product meets our rigorous standards for performance and durability. Invest in the future of renewable energy with the GJS-M100W-120W solar panel from Hebei Gaojing Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Introducing the GJS-M100W-120W, a high-performance LED street light designed to bring state-of-the-art illumination to your streets and city. With its advanced technology, the GJS-M100W-120W is capable of delivering remarkable brightness, exceptional efficiency, and superior durability. Crafted using premium-grade materials, this LED street light boasts an IP66 rating, ensuring that it's both water and dustproof, making it ideal for use in any weather condition. At the heart of the GJS-M100W-120W is an array of high-quality LEDs, which produces a luminous flux of 12,000 to 14,400 lumens, providing brighter and more consistent lighting than traditional street lights. The GJS-M100W-120W is also incredibly energy-efficient, consuming less power while delivering superior illumination, which results in significant energy savings and lower electricity bills. Moreover, the GJS-M100W-120W has a long lifespan, reducing maintenance costs while enhancing the lights' longevity. Installation is also incredibly easy. The GJS-M100W-120W utilizes a durable bracket that installs quickly and easily, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of outdoor applications. Overall, the GJS-M100W-120W is the perfect solution for anyone in need of a high-quality LED street light that's efficient, durable, easy to install, and provides exceptional brightness. Contact us today to learn more about this exceptional product.
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