Reliable and Efficient Solar Modules for Maximum Performance

2023-04-30 02:06:25 By : admin
story about the durability and reliability of AE Solar’s photovoltaic modules.

AE Solar is a renowned brand in the renewable energy industry known for providing high-quality PV modules that are highly reliable and durable. In order to ensure that their modules can withstand severe environmental factors and natural stresses, AE Solar puts their selection of PV modules through extreme environmental testing. The results of such tests show that the modules can provide superior performance and reliability even in the world's most unforgiving conditions.
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One of the key measures of a photovoltaic module's reliability is its ability to withstand external environmental factors. These external factors include wind, rain, snow, and high temperatures, among others. AE Solar understands that external environmental factors ultimately affect the power plant's performance and investment Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

To ensure that their PV modules can withstand these external environmental factors, AE Solar employs innovative and patented technology. They perform an electroluminescence inspection system to detect and eliminate any hot-spot cells that may lead to a loss of power or a potential fire hazard.

Thanks to their innovative and patented technology, AE Solar's modules are hot-spot free, with no reduction of module stability and no fire risk. A hot-spot free module can provide up to 30% more power with less sunlight compared to standard modules, thus proving to be highly efficient and reliable.

AE Solar's Smart Hot-Spot Free Series modules have a power range of 255W to 350W and are available as mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline modules. These modules are Grade A, and the company implements a Positive Tolerance grading system of up to 5W. This means that their modules have a linear performance guarantee of 30 years, with no reduction in module stability. This guarantee makes their modules highly reliable, providing customers with a long-term investment in renewable energy.

AE Solar also incorporates PERC technology, which helps to enhance module efficiency. PERC technology stands for Passivated Emitter Rear Cell, which increases a module's efficiency by reducing lost energy. This technology helps to extract more energy from the sun, which makes PV modules more efficient and reliable over time.

AE Solar's commitment to reliability and durability is evident in their approach to testing and certification. Their PV modules undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet industry standards and can provide customers with superior performance.

In conclusion, AE Solar is a leader in the renewable energy industry, providing customers with high-quality PV modules that are highly efficient, reliable, and durable. Their innovative and patented technology, combined with their commitment to testing and certification, makes their modules one of the best available. By investing in AE Solar's PV modules, customers can be assured of a long-term investment in renewable energy that can provide consistent and reliable returns.